About me

Anna Hulth, born 1988 and based in Gothenburg, Sweden

There is a recurring desire for me to get closer to
the unknown. To get closer to the things I can not see
but fills my chest with concern. That feeling that is
so difficult to control and to understand. That
feeling that scares me.

My work is based on analog photography, where I
patiently try to approach a narrative of emotions. By
transferring my photographs to a tactile material, I
can allow myself to get even closer to an eerier state
of mind. I use layers, add and erase them, physical
layers of charcoal, fragile flowers and hair. The
layers create a distance, a space that thus opens up a
narrow path into the unknown.

My curiosity to explore new ways of telling has led me
into using different materials. I work with textil es,
ceramics and film. All to get close to a narrative
that is lurking within me. Closer to the unknown

(in selection)
Solo Exhibitions

- Två timmar (book release) Aug -21 Gothenburg

- Falling Within,Oct -20 KC-centrum, Gothenburg

- The Whispers of the Walls, Sep -19 Gathenhielmska,

- Gallery version “Någon Liten” (Someone Small) Nov
- 18. Anohaao Gallery, Gothenburg

Group Exhibitions
- Spring salon Feb-Mars -20 Galleri Backlund,

- A Waste of space, June -19 Konstepedemin, Gothenburg

- 13festivalen, “Barnet” Jan -18 Konstepedemin,

- Process of “Någon Liten” (Someone Small) Jan -18
Gothenburg Film Festival/Film i Väst

- Samlingsutställningen, May -16 Järnhallen Ringöns Art
Hall, Gothenburg

(in selection)

- I have a broad education at several instances (in
Sweden), where I have studied a number of different
artistic expressions. Such as; photography, text,
film, and cultural project management.

- (Currently) Masters in textile art at HDK-Valand,
Gothenburg (20-22)

- Courses (200 credits) in photography, publication,
art, film, text, lighting, project work & so on. HDK-
Valand Gothenburg and Steneby (11-20)

- Artistic concept development, Gothenburg School of
Art (19)

- Kulturverkstan, Higher vocational studies. Vocational
degree in international culture project management.
(15-17) Gothenburg

Home contact- post(at)
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