The Heartfelt Room

I lie down on my back, letting my body and hands follow the pattern of the tufted carpet. Looking up, I'm lying in something that looks like a circus tent, the black heavy textiles enveloping me, like a cocoon. Here I can lie, allowing myself to disappear into myself. Into my innermost being. Dare to let me be in the feeling, I pause here.

I have created a textile room where the viewer can enter. On the outside of the black textile walls, a video is being played. Through the grainy film flicker, a white horse is manifested on the shiny black textile. It runs through layers of dirt, disappears and arises again. The black textile devours the white horse, we scents it, it is with us.

Textile installation with film and a tufted carpet
As a part of my graduation work
exhibit at Kronhuset in Gothenburg

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