Någon Liten (Someone small)"Someone small" is an emotional fragmentary film that digs into a legacy of loneliness to try to understand different choices of life & to allow oneself to long away from loneliness.

Evil Astronaut- Orbit Berlin

Hej Farfar (Hi Granpa)"Hi Grandpa" is an investigative and imaginative film about the grandchildren's relationship with an Italian grandfather she never met. A grandfather who have only been apart of her imagination. Now she travels to her grandfather's home town in Italy to find him, to walk in his footsteps and try to understand who he was.

Där Under (Underneath) She swam under the water, it was easier than being among expectations and social norms, norms that were difficult for here to follow. The water embraced her and became a sanctuary, underneath the surface, she could be free.

Things Are ChancingThrough structures and norms, men have formed an unsustainable society. "Things Are Changing" is questioning masculinity and raise a collective voice. Together with layers of dirt, war cry and images that are repeated, a change is created. It's happening now, this is a revolution!

Low- Disarray

(in selection)


-Things Are Chanhing, 03:23 Art film, 2019

-hej farfar, 14:50
Arts Documentary, 2019 Music: Evil Astronaut

-Någon Liten, (Someone Small) 28:30 Arts Documentary, 2019
Music: Evil Astronaut

-The Child, 07:37 Art Film, 2018

-Där Under, 01:25
Art Documentary 2018 Music: Evil Astronaut

-Evil Astronaut- Terminal Music video, 2017

-Konstnärlig Ensamhet, 07:04 Documentary, 2017

-Jag och Skogen, 05:01 Art Documentary 2017 Music: Evil Astronaut

-Evil Astronaut- Orbit Berlin Music video, 2017

Jag och Skogen (The Woods and I)An autobiographical film about wanting to disappear. The film sheds light on the difficulties of not fitting into social norms. About the never-ending urge to run away, to disappear into the woods and never come back.

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